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With our 2019 Spring issue we will once again delve into uncomfortable territory with an issue devoted to the exploration of shame. Shame as a cultural phenomenon, a personal crippler, and all of its associated sub-types: false shame, secret shame, toxic shame, vicarious shame. 

 “… shame is important because no other affect is more disturbing to the self, none more central for the sense of identity. In the context of normal development, shame is the source of low self-esteem, diminished self-image, poor self-concept, and deficient body-image. Shame itself produces self-doubt and disrupts both security and confidence. It can become an impediment to the experience of belonging and to shared intimacy....It is the experiential ground from which conscience and identity inevitably evolve. In the context of pathological development, shame is central to the emergence of alienation, loneliness, inferiority and perfectionism. It plays a central role in many psychological disorders as well, including depression, paranoia, addiction, and borderline conditions. Sexual disorders and many eating disorders are largely disorders of shame. Both physical abuse and sexual abuse also significantly involve shame.” — Gershen Kaufman, Shame: The Power of Caring.  

Deadline for submissions: February 8, 2019

Writer's Guidelines: subTerrain publishes original fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, and commentary three times a year. Submissions must be previously unpublished material. (Note maximum number of submissions per issue below.)
Feel free to interpret our themes in unique and unusual ways.
All other regular submission guidelines still apply, as below.

The following are some general guidelines (as always, we suggest READING an issue of the magazine to see what we're all about).
Submissions must be previously unpublished and be:
1. typed, double-spaced on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
2. Fiction: a maximum of 3,000 words. (Max. 3 stories per issue)
3. Poetry: we no longer accept unsolicited poetry submissions (unless specifically related to one of our theme issues). Poetry should be single-spaced with stanza breaks. (Max. 5 poems per issue)
4. Creative Non-Fiction: a maximum of 4,000 words. (Max. 2 articles per issue)
5. Commentary (social or otherwise): a maximum of 4000 words. (Max. 2 articles per issue)
6. Photography & Illustration: we only accept solicited art and photography. Please forward us a link to your work;
7. Please do not send submissions via email; online submissions accepted through Submittable only (mailed submissions are still accepted as well.)
8. Please allow 6 months for a response, though we shall strive as always to respond sooner.

Payment rates for published submissions:
Poetry: $50 per poem
Prose: $50 per page

Submission fees:
Electronic submissions come with a $3.00 submission fee to help cover our Submittable account and thereby allow us to continue accepting online submissions. If you choose to submit by traditional mail, you will not be charged the submission fee. Mailed submissions can be sent to the address below.
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